The eXtra4 software is specifically engineered to be easy to use. There is NO label set-up required, NO need to setup label-shapes, dimensions, work out the gap between the labels and position fields with your mouse, all this work has been done for you. Simply choose the label you want to use and one of the pre-designed layouts for that label, then type in the information you need to print.

If you want to store the information then click on Save Label and tell the system the number you want to store it under, or select an item group and let eXtra4 number it for you. When you need that item again; type in the label number and click the printer icon, the label is displayed and you decide how many you need and print them - SIMPLE!



The basic software includes a database for the storage of labelling information so that you can save an item and recall it at a later date for reprinting.

The functionality in the eXtra4_2 software can be extended by means of a number Plug-ins.