In order to extend the functionality of eXtra4 with adding to the basic cost we have produced plug-in components enabling specific functions which will only apply to certain clients.

This makes eXtra4 extremely adaptable and means that the solution can scale from Sole Traders to International traders with multiple locations. No matter now big or small we can solve your label printing problems. Each plug-in has a particulr purpose, they are listed below. Just click on the link to get more information.

Advanced Item Management Plug-in

Designed for Independent Retail Jewellers with a single location. This plug-in allows you to create records for items and track the movements of those items. At stock-take you can print a report which will give the value of your stock at cost and/or at your own subjective value.

Client/Server Database Plug-in

For those companies who already have their stock information stored in a professional database such as Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre SQl  or Oracle. With this plug-in eXtra can print batches of labels from data provided by the SQL database.

Also available is an additional product eXtra4_2 AutoPrint C/S, a standalone product which a label printing table within the SQL database and quite simply prints the labels when a new print record appears. 

Desktop Database Plug-in

Creates a connection to a desktop database (Advantage, dBase, Microsoft Access, or SQLite) or to any database capable of being accessed by an ADO connection string. Labels can then be batch printed from this data. Mutliple datamaps can be created to connect to any number of different tables or to utilise different field connections.

Excel Connection Plug-in

Connects to Excel workbooks (.XLS or .XLSX) in order to batch print label using the information on a Worksheet. Mutliple datamaps can be created to utilise any number of workbook/worksheet combinations.

Picture Management Plug-in

Provides a database extension linking the images stored on your computer to the stock items they relate to. You can link any number of images to an item and then view or email them as you require.