eXtraPrinter G330eXtraPrinter G330

Godex have long been renowned as printer manufacturers but as a manufacturer of other brands. Now they have taken this experience and begun producing their own printers.

New firmware, with enhancements influenced by the eXtra4 team, has now taken this printer from a good all-round printer to a first-class jewellery label printer.

This is an excellent option for the budget-conscious. It provides reliable, high-quality prints from a small but adaptable range of built-in fonts which are exceptionally clear. It has a robust mechanism.

Label sensing (the Auto-Sense function) is provided via the eXtra4 software.

This printer does not provide the label back-feed option.

This printer uses our standard Carbon Ribbon.

Connect via Ethernet or USB.

Printer dimensions: 160mm high x 220mm wide x 240mm deep.