eXtraPrinter TC-300TSC TC300 Web

This printer has taken over from the TTP-343C which had been our primary printer since 2008 and has proved to be exceptionally reliable. The new TC-300 builds on this legacy of quality and reliability, no longer requiring the retro-fitted improvments that the eXtra4 team used to make to its predecessor. 

Label sensing (the Auto-Sense function) is provided via the eXtra4 software or by the feed button during power-on.

This printer provides the label back-feed option.

This printer uses our standard Carbon Ribbon.

Connection under Windows 10 or 7 via Ethernet (with a static internal IP address), USB or Parallel Printer Port.

Connection under Mac OS X via Ethernet (with a static internal IP address) only.

Printer dimensions: 175mm high x 200mm wide x 255mm deep.