eXtraPrinter RT-230eXtraPrinter RT 230

This printer is exceptionally useful for clients who need to print labels in different locations, or who have only a small space available. It is a narrow gauge printer, having a print head of only 50mm. We produce special labels for this printer allowing it to print loop labels.

New firmware, with enhancements influenced by the eXtra4 team, has reduced the label feed required to sense the size of label installed in the printer.

Label sensing (the Auto-Sense function) is provided via the eXtra4 software or by a dedicated calibration button at the rear of the printer.

The reduced print head width means that the range of labels suitable for this printer is restricted.

This printer provides the label back-feed option.

This printer uses our Narrow Gauge Carbon Ribbon.

Connect via Ethernet (with a static internal IP address) or USB.

Printer dimensions: 175mm high x 120mm wide x 240mm deep.