Our range of labels, ribbons and ticket holders are primarily focussed on the Jewellery Trade, however, we have many more label designs than are shown here and as manufactureres we can produce whatever design and style of labels you may require.


Our most popular style of labels are Loop Labels (sometimes known as 'cricket-bat labels'). For the display of only a small amount of information such as a description and price we offer Pad labels, many of these are suitable for mounting on our range of Ticket Holders. We also produce Combination Labels which combine both a Loop Label for attaching to the item and a Pad label which are printed at the same time. This is both cost-efficient and time-saving.


An essential item for printing labels. A single ribbon will usually print around 4,000 to 5,000 jewellery labels. The correct type and quality of the printing ribbon is of the utmost importance so we carefully select our ribbons testing them with our printers and labels to ensure the best results.

Ticket Holders

We produce ticket holders for many of our label types and have specific variants for self-standing, stemmed, side-sliding (for certain types of earring and pendant displays and watches with straps) as well as vertical slide holders (for unfilled jewellery busts).