Simple labelling and Stock Control specialising in tiny, tiny, tiny labels!

What is the eXtra4 Labelling System?

The labelling system has two main components:-

Firstly a label printer. We test every suitable label printer on the market constantly evaluating new printers to ensure that we only offer the best printers available. Each printer is tested to ensure that it has the best possible label path and that labels cannot 'wobble'. If we discover that an otherwise ideal printer has some tiny flaw then we work with the manufacture to find a way to fix it, or look to see if we can implement our own solution.

Secondly the label printing software. Virtually all labelling software requires you to design the label layout for yourself. On large labels, the type you use for shipping, etc. that's fine but when dealing with extremely small labels for Jewellery or Gifts that can be fatal. It is very easy to have text overrunning the margins, or (as this software mostly 'talks' to the Windows printer driver and not directly to the printer in its own language) to have inconsistent feeding of the labels. Consequently labels can be wasted. Our software removes all of that, we 'talk' to the printer in its own language giving us control down to the dot (12th mm) level and we build label layouts so you just type in the text you require. You cannot enter too much text, or place it anywhere except where it will fit.


We design our software on the K.I.S.S principle - Keep It Small & Simple (sometimes known as Keep It Simple, Stupid!). This means that our software is always easy to use and that even when we do something more complex than just printing the labels, like Stock Control, that we stick to the basics. The processes we use must always be as easy to understand as possible.